Development of a User Interface Concept for Viewing Temporal Video Annotations
Stefanie Müller (supervised by Holger Reckter and Gregor Miller)
Development of a User Interface Concept for Viewing Temporal Video Annotations Video is a complex information space that requires advanced navigational aids for effective browsing. The increasing number of temporal video anno- tations offers new opportunities to provide video navigation according to a user's needs. We present a novel video browsing interface called TAV (Tem- poral Annotation Viewing) that provides the user with a visual overview of temporal video annotations. TAV enables the user to quickly determine the general content of a video, the location of scenes of interest and the type of annotations that are displayed while watching the video.

The visual overview of TAV consists of an enhanced video timeline with icons representing the location and content of each temporal video annotation. Icons provide more semantic information for navigation than other visual cues, such as colour stripes which are abstract and difficult to distinguish. However, icons also require more space on the video timeline. This soon be- comes a problem with the increasing density of temporal video annotations throughout the video. Additionally, the emerging trend for consuming vi- deo on devices with small screens, such as mobile phones, motivates our research. We present a novel solution called SCADE (Scaling with Defor- mation) that adjusts the appearance of icons according to available screen real-estate while keeping the advantage of incorporating detailed semantic information.

In our user study, we evaluate the trade-off between detailed semantic in- formation and limited screen real-estate by comparing the finding time of video scenes when icons or colour stripes are used as visual cues on the video timeline. Our results show that icons provide the user with more infor- mation to reason about the content of a video scene while having a finding time similar to colour stripes. However, with an increasing density on the video timeline the search with icons is still slower than with colour stripes.

Future work will include further development of TAV and SCADE to integrate the results from participants feedback, as well as an extended user study to evaluate the improvements.

Defended successfully by Stefanie Müller on 7th September 2010 for the award of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) from the Hochschule Harz University of Applied Sciences.

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