We describe the design, implementation, calibration and detailed visual error analysis of a 3D perspective-corrected spherical display that uses multiple projectors. The display system is calibrated via 3D reconstruction using a single inexpensive camera. We perform an error analysis of the system in terms of all error sources (calibration/tracking), and our results provide practical guidelines for building a spherical FTVR display that can be applied to other geometric displays.

We'll be presenting this at ACCV in Taipei in November.
2016/03/21 - Video Highlighting at GI 2016
Video is used extensively as an instructional aid within educational contexts such as blended (flipped) courses, self-learning with MOOCs and informal learning through online tutorials. We provided students with a number of video interface features to establish which they would find most useful for video courses. We designed an interface which uses textbook-style highlighting on a video filmstrip and transcript, which students found to be generally helpful for navigating educational video.

We'll be presenting this at Graphics Interface in Victoria in early June.

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